This is Us

Are you a parent? If yes, then I know you have a story or two to tell!

The inspiration behind Unspoken Parents came to me after I recognised we were both recovering from a traumatic birth experience. I never really dealt with this, so it accumulated with all the other challenges that come with being a parent on a daily basis.

I would spend my days reading other parenting tips and stories, but never really found my own voice. It gave me great comfort knowing others were in the same boat, despite sometimes feeling like my boat was about to capsize!

I wanted to build a community and a space where parents could support each other and find the strength to tell their stories. It can be hard to speak up when you are struggling, but for me, writing #BirthTrauma was almost like therapy and gave me a huge sense of relief. The positive comments I received were so touching and empowering, I wanted others to feel that.

Our stories are powerful, so let’s speak up together.

If you or someone you know has a story to tell, join the Unspoken Parents community.


I’m Charlotte, new Mum to Joshua and partner to Jason. Life pre-baby was spent between London, New York and a little stint in Singapore. This isn’t as glamorous as it sounds! I was in London, Jason was in New York and we were doing the long distance relationship for 3 years. Don’t get me wrong, every time we did see each other we were either enjoying a city break or partying our way through London and festivals! Now we live in Croydon and if I’m lucky enough to make it out of my pj’s, my day is going well!

Being a country girl originally, I thought I would come to the big city and rock at life! Having social anxiety and a lack in confidence has always held me back, and I have worked in roles across finance and marketing, to experiencing a complete career crisis during my maternity leave. Now I have quit my 9-5, invested in myself to become a digital Mum to work flexibly around my family, and I’m feeling more positive than ever.


Jason and I met online and clicked over our love for House music! I was playing hard to get but he persisted until I backed down! He thought I was too posh and I thought he was geek, how wrong were we! After far too many cocktails we soon realised this was it, and we spent the next 4 years travelling and drinking more than we should!

Jason is now making a go of his own business in the UK and shares a room with me in our home office, where I pester him for cups of tea and he pesters me for snacks! On the weekends we have our own festivals in the living room with Joshua!


Joshua made an early entrance into our lives on the 9 April 2018. He had a difficult start and spent the first 3 weeks of his life in hospital, but as you can see he’s a little super star and went from strength to strength. Everyone told me babies who have a difficult birth are more likely to be difficult babies, but I can proudly say that is complete rubbish! We are blessed to have such a happy and healthy little man in our lives, although very determined and strong-willed!