Just a quick one to ask you lovely ladies what you really want for Mother’s Day?

I personally feel like Mother’s Day has become a bit like Valentine’s Day, overrated, full of high expectations and a social media competition as to who gets the best presents.

Don’t get me wrong, this is my first Mother’s Day so I have placed a level of expectation on it and how I would like to remember it. But, what I would really like is…hint hint!

  1. Prosecco in bed for breakfast – I’m lying, prosecco all day long!
  2. A lie in – This has to be the most obvious request of any parent. But I don’t just mean my partner letting me stay in bed while he does the morning routine, because let’s face it they are still within ear shot! I’m talking, send me to a hotel or a friend’s house, anywhere where there is a big fluffy bed where I can spread out and there’s nothing but bird song noises in the mornings!
  3. Hand print splat card – Come on, every Mum prefers a cute little handmade card, even if you have no idea what it’s supposed to be, and they have gummed the edges!
  4. Bubble bath – You know that feeling when you first sink into a hot bath filled with bubbles and lovely smelly stuff?! Yeah, I want that feeling over and over again please!
  5. Sunflowers – These are my absolute favourite flowers, I’m not really bothered by the other overpriced bouquets, but just a single sunflower instantly makes me feel happy.
  6. A kiss rather than a bite – My son is going through a bit of a biting phase at the moment, much to my horror as I want to get him to nursery soon and have dreams of him getting expelled within the hour! But he also seems to kiss everyone else apart from me, so for Mother’s Day I would like an unprompted and unforced kiss!
  7. A hug rather than a slap to the face – The only time I can get a hug from my little boy is if I catch him just at the right time when he wakes up or if he’s fallen over, most of the time it’s slap, bang, wallop to the face!
  8. A hot cup of tea – It’s rare that I can ever just sit in a cosy position and really sip and enjoy that big hug feeling a cup of tea can give you. Instead it’s a quick slurp slurp, where have I left it, oh wait found it, urrhh cold, let me reheat it, urrhh gross!
  9. Watch a movie – How many times have you tried to watch a movie in the evening when the kids are asleep, but passed out within 10 minutes and just given up and gone to bed? I wish to lock myself in the lounge with all the snacks I can find and not be disturbed whilst I find the longest movie I can.
  10. First word – As my son approaches his big first Birthday, I’m waiting for that first word. If he could magical master ‘Mama’ by Sunday that would be epic. Perhaps you would like your little ones to give you some loving words on Mother’s Day, rather than ‘Mum, I want, I want…!’

So Mum’s this is your chance to speak up and voice what you would really like for Mother’s Day and for the kids / Dad’s to listen up!

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