Tooth Fairy or Evil Teething Fairy

At one time or another, all of us have been visited by the tooth fairy or in my case the evil teething fairy! Teething is a big milestone for babies, and despite being cute at first there is really not a lot to celebrate, with the sleepless nights, constant drooling and unhappy wailing.

So, in honour of Tooth Fairy Day, here is my teething survival guide…

  1. Nelsons ‘Teetha’ Teething Granules, otherwise known as baby cocaine by some of my parent friends! – These little sachets of homeopathic magic dust have been an absolute saviour. Simply pour them into their mouth and you will instantly see a sense of relief on their face, and yours!
  2. Nuby Icybite Teething Keys – My son put’s everything and anything in his mouth, but the only thing that actually seemed to help him was these keys you can put in the fridge. He sucks and bites them like an ice lolly and gives me a few moments of peace!
  3. Rest – I know everyone says you should sleep when they sleep, and this immediately makes me want to scream into the nearest pillow because what parent do you know that actually does this?! However, teething babies is exhausting for everyone so don’t let them get too tired, honour their nap schedule and try to put your feet up when they are down.
  4. Protect those rosy cheeks – The extra drool that is currently all over your house and clothes can also cause their cheeks to come up in a dry rash, so make sure you have plenty of ointment to apply to avoid this becoming sore. Personally, I think Aveeno Baby is miracle stuff!
  5. Hydration is key – More dribble, dribble, dribble…with all this excess liquid and our little ones feeling all out of sorts it’s important to keep them hydrated.
  6. Chilled food – If your baby is eating solids and they have a loss of appetite, my little man loves chilled cucumber, purees, frozen fruit or yogurt. If you are worried about choking, I used the NatureBond Baby Fruit Feeder which is super handy and a great way to introduce new foods as well.
  7. Massage – By this I mean gum massage, Brush-Baby Teething Wipes are great and they fit onto a finger like a little glove, just be careful when they actually do start to get teeth poking through though! Oh, and if you can find someone willing to give you a massage to relieve some of the tensions caused by teething…DO IT!
  8. Cuddles – If your little one is being especially needy, those cuddles are all important, just remember the last time you were ill and made your partner or pet give you cuddles!
  9. Calpol – This should always be in the cupboards of any parent! Although I do try all of the above first, but if they are really struggling a dose of Calpol before bedtime seems to do the trick.
  10. Wine – this is purely for us once they have had the Calpol and are hopefully getting a few hours sleep!

And that’s it! Nothing revolutionary but I wanted to share some of the things that have helped to get us both through the teething phases.

If you have any teething survival tips for parents and babies, comment below to share with the Unspoken Parents community and I will post these on social media…

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