My Top 10 Valentine’s Ideas in a Hurry for Parents

If I’m honest, I only just about managed to remember its Valentine’s Day tomorrow and rushed off to town to use it as an excuse to get my hair done and panic buy something for Jason (sorry, love you if you’re reading this!)

I’m not just saying this because I don’t have a babysitter tomorrow and I’m bitter, but I really can’t be bothered with a Valentine’s dinner. They always put on some expensive set menu and you can’t order what you really want to eat anyway. So, here’s the next best thing, my Top 10 Valentines Ideas in a Hurry for Parents…

  1. M&S Dine in for Two (Obviously!) – £20 all in and I have just come home with this HUGE shoulder of shredded pork worth £10 and a bottle of prosecco, forget the rest I am happy and thoroughly looking forward to this tomorrow!
  2. Lunch Date – If you’re like us and never go out for dinner anymore, too afraid to upset the bath time routine, then go to your favourite lunch spot or surprise your other half at the office.
  3. Home Mixology – We do this quite regularly, regardless of any special occasion! Put the kids to bed, get your cocktail recipes out and have a challenge as to who can make the best.
  4. Board Games – Yes, I said it, board games are not just for Christmas! We recently bought one called ‘Smart Ass’ and it’s general knowledge at our kind of level! We get fiercely competitive and I would like to openly brag, I have beat him every time!
  5. Movie Night – One for the kids and one for you. Set this as the rule and no arguments!
  6. Sing Off – put on the tunes or the karaoke machine and sing your hearts out. Yes, you might clear the room, but it will only be your kids running to their bedrooms…devious plan maybe?!
  7. Dance Off – This is a great way to get some fun exercise in, if like me, you use being a parent as an excuse for never finding the time! The dancing could be romantic, or things could sexy, your choice!
  8. Memorable Meals – If you’re a super parent and still have some energy at the end of the day and you’re feeling romantic and nostalgic, recreate a memorable meal that means something to you both.
  9. Sensual Healing – Maybe you have some aches and pains from having to carry the little ones everywhere and need a massage, or maybe you just need some romantic sensual healing and see where things go!
  10. Pudding Party – Just indulge and enjoy! Buy all your favourites and perhaps add a blindfold to the mix, who knows…

P.S. – Save the babysitter for the weekend, then you can let loose and not have to pay over the odds for some heart shaped mains and pink sickly puddings!

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